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About Us


Aman & Brothers make and supply the finest quality luxury furniture made from rare materials. With over a hundred years of experience behind us, we pride ourselves on our reputable brand quality and clients that fully appreciate furniture masterpieces at their best.

Our Products

We produce rare replica masterpieces as well as popular reproductions and contemporary classics. All our furniture pieces are handmade using natural materials such as Rosewood, Walnut, Wild Cherrywood & Acacia. Each piece is carefully constructed, fitted with high quality fittings, and finished to perfection by hand using natural shellac and fine paste wax. All our pieces are exclusive and none of our products are available in the stores. We build real furniture. And we specialise in the area of bed & cabinet making. Our beds range is one of the most eclectic and unique collections in the UK and Europe with over 50 designs of beds and metamorphic furniture made from solid timbers such as solid rosewood, walnut, wild cherrywood & acacia. We also specialise in fine corporate & home office furniture including desks, filing and storage systems, chairs & bookcases. Again, we do not compromise on the quality of material we use, and all pieces are individually made giving them a unique identity of their own - as all pieces of furniture should have!

Secure Investments

As the world becomes evermore automated, owning our fine furniture will serve as a secure investment as the value in well-made limited edition furniture increases gradually over time. Tomorrow?s antiques today, our furniture will add value to its environment whether corporate or private, and become heirlooms to successive generations of users.

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